The Sound of Brand

The Sound of Brand

It is quite an art form, being able to distinguish someone’s voice without a visual. After 10 years in the Radio industry, I feel that it is a bit of a party trick- but think about it, if I said to you ” What does Stephen Fry or Joanna Lumley sound like?”, you would be able to imagine the sound of their voices.

Recently, as an avid radio listener, I picked up on a commercial for Mercedes-Benz, which advertised the new A-Class with the new Portal Mercedes Me- a voice recognition accessory much like Amazons Alexa or Google.

The female voice was rather luxurious without being too posh, instantly the voice felt familiar and I felt it was a REALLY good fit for the Mercedes-Benz Brand.

After a quick Google to ensure my guess was correct, it was confirmed that Lena Headey was the voice over.

Who is Lena Headey? If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, Lena Plays the scandalous Cersei Lannister. She also played Gorgo, Queen of Sparta in 300.

If you’re thinking about a Radio campaign that will break through all the other messages and stand out with a recognisable voice- such as Lena Headey, get in touch, we love Radio and we do it very well.